About us

Student Interest Group KoNaR

Student Interest Group KoNaR was established in 2003 at Departament of Cybernetics and Robotics, Faculty of Electronics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology by dr inż. Łukasz Małek - back then a 4th year student. The main purpose of the group is to build robots and organise tournaments where those robots can compete.

The first event organised by KoNaR was I Minisumo Open Robotic Tournament in 2004. Due to the attention it focused, the tournament was expanded and it is now known as Robotic Arena.


Project associated with Robotic Arena - Robotic Workshops

Between October and December KoNaR organises Robotic Workshops - weekly meetings at which students can build their first robot. Members of KoNaR conduct lectures and organise practical lessons about basics of electronics, circuit and PCB design, microcontrollers programming, soldering etc. The goal is to compete in Robotic Arena tournament with robot built on one's own.