Robotic Arena 2016

2016-12-10 10:00

[C-13], Wroclaw University of Science and Technology



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About Robotic Arena

In 2004 KoNaR organised its first Minisumo Open Robotic Tournament. Since 2008 the tournament is known as Robotic Arena and become an international and open event. 227 robots were registered by participants during 2009 edition, not only from Poland, but also from Croatia, Spain and Romania. The audience is growing every year. Not only those associated with academic community, but also regular people fascinated with these inventions visit the event. Teams from Poland, as well as foregin countries, present result of their work and compete for the topmost trophies.

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Robotic Arena 2016 - statistics

  • 164 participants

  • 187 robots in 12 categories

Robotic Arena 2015 - statistics

  • 250 participants

  • 160 robots in 9 categories

  • 1500 viewers

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Q: Where does the Robotic Arena take place?

A: At the Wrocław University of Technology and Science campus, in C-13 building (address: Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 23/25).

Q: How to get there?

A: Use public transport, stop: Most Grunwaldzki or Plac Grunwaldzki. There are several possibilities from the Main Railway Station (eg. tram 0P and 2, bus 145 and 146). On the day of RA with 8 - 10 minute intervals.

Q: When can I enter the building in the morning?

A: The registration starts at 8:00 am local time.

Q: When does my competition start?

A: Check in the schedule below or in the Contestant Starter Pack.

Q: Where does my competition take place?

A: Check the map below or in the Contestant Starter Pack.

Q: How do I know when it's my robot's turn?

A: The information about competitions are constantly displayed on the screens and read through the speakers.

Q: Is there a possibility to fix/improve my robot during tournament?

A: There is a Service Zone available for all the contestants, in which there's a Service Stand with shared basic tools and appliances for fixing your robots (eg. soldering iron, drill).

Q: Is there any food provided for contestants?

A: There's a Shopping Centre (Pasaż Grunwaldzki) and a lot of restaurants nearby. There is no food provided by the organisers.

Q: Will I be able to test my robot before the competition?

A: Yes, in the Service Zone there are Test Tracks and Arenas for most of the competitions.

Map and schedule

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